Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Want.

A person who wants to get coffee at 2:45 in the morning regardless if we've been out drinking or not.

To listen to music so loud that my clothes ripple from the waves.

Take a trip to Europe and Australia and see all of the bands I have been listening too forever. Particularly Radiohead.

Get road side sushi in Japan from a street vendor. Get sick. Do it again.

A running/swimming/cycling/scuba diving/climbing/music listening to partner.

A photographer.

Someone with boobs. Preferably a vagina too.

Fly helicopters for tourists in other countries who are on skiing trips and move to a new country every 3-6 months.

Sky dive.

Catch a shark. My line got tangled with someone else's so I may have already.

Catch a shark. Again.

Create something that I like as much as other people. Something good.

Like someone as much as they like me.

Learn to code. Better.

Get a travel show. Pwn Anthony Bourdaine and Andrew Zimmer.

Create something new. The iPod was my idea. Thanks Steve.

Make a sculpture of a person.

Drive a car in a street race. Win.

See all of my old friends and introduce them to each other.

Write a better blog.