Friday, December 28, 2007

From The Past

I have news that may be disheartening to some, to me I'm slightly glad about it. Anyway, my goal this time around is to write my book and to create my photo journal of a year abroad in a hostile nation. The first time, I schlepped it off to do better things like smoke cups of coffee through a hookah (which i plan to still do) and watch movies that were culturally arousing in ways that I never knew. Sometimes you think about how things were and how things could have been but in the end, "life is how it is not how it was". So to those who may stumble across this years from now hopefully we've become friends again or at the very least acquaintances.

Any how, I'm going somewhere exciting soon. To meet a new culture and different view of life and reality will be a great adventure. I will be sure to post blogs as often as possible. Of course, check my vitals (facebook, gmail, myspace) as often as possible also.

This blog is getting a little heavy for my current state of mind so I have elected to sign off and get some well needed sleep.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

End of Darkness

Ah, finally a break from my tormenting work schedule (3am - 5pm). Today I was informed of being able to come in at 7am tomorrow to help move furniture into our new offices. Goodness knows I've been needing this break.
Today at lunch the barracks manager tried to give us new mattresses. The new ones sucked, royally. So, I stole my old one back.
No pic today. Will be sure to have one up tomorrow

Monday, December 3, 2007


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As of Late...

Things feel strange after spending a good visit with Randi. She's in Japan now. Things are much different here in Arizona. Much of what i thought i wanted has proven to disappoint and much of what I had I once long for again. Cest la vie. The funk I'm stuck in makes me feel like not me. BAH! I need to get out of this junk! Tomorrow, no complaining and i go for a 6 miler! Because I want her to be it, doesn't mean she is (and she's not). Also, writing a note on teh armz0rz, blog more, especially not whiny excrement that makes no one want to read.

p.s. note to self, pictures on the blogs...