Monday, January 28, 2008

Ten Things ( I Got Tagged... )

So a friend of mine recently tagged me in his blog to fill out ten facts about myself. See his blog here. When I finished reading it, I was actually compelled to do something of similar standing but once I reached the end I saw I didn't have much of a choice. Such as the unspoken rules of the road or the code of smokers I believe in blogging something I have been tagged; granted it's not how much I like puppy dogs or flowers... myspace chain blogs, eck.

The first thing you should know about me...

I am constantly changing. Growing, regressing, evolving, there is almost always something new about me after 2 months. Whether it be a shift in musical taste, my outlook, my attitude, or my goals. Something is always "New".

This is probably a good reason that people who are not physically around me may be taken off guard or I may lose contact with someone whom I once shared an interest with. The changes aren't instantaneous or on purpose. I don't wake up one morning and decide that I will now only wear clothes with the colors black and white or that when I was once so involved in a particular group I no longer have anything to do with their ideas or activities. A good reason why I don't have any tattoos.

Fact 2

My friends are not like me.

It is often said that who you associate with is who you are. I am a walking contradiction of this statement. Most of my friends, here, are bellicose drunks with a good lack of motivation and terrible taste in music and/or fashion sense. There was a time where I would have said the same about being similar to those I associate with but these days there appears to be no one like me around here. I do not feel the need to continuously party or drink myself into oblivion.

Another statement that comes to mind when writing this is opposites attract. If that is true then doesn't that mean that your friends or significant other will most likely be not much like you. Obviously, we are attracted to cliques and people with similar values, ideas, tastes, or hobbies but this does not mean we have to be cookie cutter molds of the people which we associate with.

Fact 3

Learning to dance is hard for me. I want to know how like a wolf wants the fresh blood of a rabbit on it's teeth during a snow in November and I try very hard when the chance and opportunity is presented the fact is, I am really not very good. Maybe with practice I will get better.

Fact 4

So, my friend posted on his blog a near death experience and I figured I would match his with a near death experience of my own. The problem being that the most recent has been blogged by me already and I'm pretty sure if you read any of this flap-doodle (yes, I used a thesaurus) that I regurgitate onto the interweb you have most likely already read it. Anyway, I will be reposting it for a lack of motivation to find another experience or one that I particularly want to write about. Sure, I could hold your interest with a story about running from an exploding generator hit by a mortar in Iraq but there was no beauty in the grime of the tale. It also bores me to speak about Iraq. So here, I give you the tale of a high speed ATV wreck.

The difference in falling off of a skate board and motorcycle is apparently the speed factor. This week i was driving an ATV, very fast, down a dirt road and began to fish tail. During the fish tail, I drove over a cattle guard. It was then that my ass and head became one and thoughts of what angle my head would be in comparison to my chest and neck started to surround me. As my shoulders turned a cool 45 degrees and i became an angel floating over the handlebars of the ATV I stared respectively at the ground zooming beneath my limp body wondering if this was going to be where i would die.

The scenery was perfect for death, I could only hope for something as beautiful for when i really do go. My face filled with the rush of air and my body weightless literally flying and barrel rolling at a comfortable speed. The ground, the sky, the ground, and once again the sky coming into view. The sun was just beaming in through a cloud to create little rays of light all around and the air was crisp. Truly, a beautiful sight.

Nothing jerky or sporadic like you might expect in a car crash. Until I hit the ground I was in complete bliss, which felt like it lasted forever. But, I did, in fact, hit the ground and eventually it stopped being bliss and turned into searing pain.

I could feel the skin on my left shoulder turning into a piece of shredded leather against the rough dirt on the road; my head bouncing off of the ground like a ball on the end of a door stop. Bliss had surely ended. A glimpse of the ATV spinning and rolling in the air behind me left a thought of The Matrix, and terror. That really cool scene when they take the highway. A film script death, how fortunate was I.

The sliding came to an end and the urge to immediately get to my feet was unstoppable. I might have made it to my feet had it not been for my head feeling like it was smashed by a sledgehammer when I tried to move. The feeling subsided after a moment and the realization of the possibility of being crushed by the ATV quickly returned. When i sat up, the ATV was awaiting my return only a step away from my pain drenched body.

I'm not seriously injured, if you were wondering. I don't really know if I learned a lesson from all of this but it was fun, did I forget to mention terrifying?

Fact 5

No it does not bother me to let you look at my phone. Feel free to take a picture of yourself, add your number and then attach that picture, surf the internet, check your stocks, get directions, check your email, calculate your tip at the end of a meal, listen to one of the songs I loaded. After I let you see it and enjoy it's neatness, do not tell me how I'm dumb for buying such an expensive phone. I can think of few traits I dislike more than contemptuous jealousy. I don't so much mind some one admiring something and then making a comment such as a praise with the hint of longing but don't make me feel bad because your hobbies, lifestyle, family (mostly wife), or bank account will not allow you to have something that you wish you could.

My phone was not bought because it was what it is. I used to have a blackberry 8700 and I loved it. To this day, I still say it was the best phone I ever had. It didn't have a camera, mp3 player, or automatically give me directions with google earth maps but it could immediately download my emails (with out pictures). My new phone takes at least 15 minutes and you without a phone that does email may not understand what kind of downer that can have on your day. I use emails like text messages with many of my friends and coworkers who have mobile devices that can also instantly check email. If i receive an email asking me to eat somewhere or the codes to something or the whereabouts of something or that I just passed my turn, I miss out. This really is a trivial worry, to be quite honest, I don't worry about it, much. I am comparing my old phone to my new one though and that's the only downfall I see that I was used too in my other device.

Fact 6

Cock blocking is not cool. If you go to a party and someone says that there will be girls there and you ask them there plans about it and they say nothing, then it's fair game. If you have been talking to a girl and one of your friends is continuously revealing personal things and moments and downplaying you, they should be punched in the face. To take it a step further, if you happen to be laying in bed, in another room, in the dark, talking quietly, your "friend" should not be yelling these things or telling jokes from the other side of the door. This happened to me this weekend. I did however impress myself and still get a date with the female. Today at work though, I made sure that people knew of his cock blocking nature and he was subject to much ridicule. He has since apologized, mentioned how nice it was that I was able to meet this girl, and continuously change the subject whenever brought up.

I was not really sure how to handle the situation and felt very awkward so I would occasionally reply to him in hopes he would stop acting as though he was 12. It is very clear to me now why he has never had a girlfriend and has only had sex (which is debatable) once in his life and that involved a girl drinking everclear, crying, and being vomited on and only happened recently upon me explaining that it was surely not the most important thing in life but it was one of those things that should be on his to do list, like, soon.

I doubt I will be going to parties or many gatherings with this individual anytime soon or again.

Fact 7

I constantly hope that others share the same thoughts and worries that I do. I hope people are more wrapped up in what they are doing than they notice that I am acting awkward or sometimes exist. I don't really act that awkward, I know this. Still, sometimes it feels like I'm continuously falling , physically and mentally, into an ungraceful line of actions that will sure make me look like an idiot. To those of you who voted me most confident on all these nonsense quizzes and questionnaires, this may seem shocking. I tend to find humor in it myself and accept that some things I do will just not go right (when in fact most things work out for me very well).

My thoughts are sometimes very dark and frighten even myself. That being said, I am actually pretty happy and comfortable with myself and the things I do.

Fact 8

Lets lighten the mood, shall we?

Ryan touched heavily on the fact of mainstream culture influencing personalities and the homogenization of society. If you have ever seen Idiocracy you might be acquainted with the thought of the decline in culture. I say Idiocracy because it tells a fun story about the decline of civilization and how laziness tends to be the root of most if not all of these cultural changes.

After seeing Idiocracy I had a flight from Nashville to North Carolina. It was very early and I was very hungry. Usually, a snack machine raid is something I would never think about but I was desperate for nourishment, even if it led to feeling ill later. I bought a "Big AZZ Burger". As I was buying it, a young man in his teens wearing a black hooded sweatshirt adorned with "Orange County" and flames and studs was buying a "Monster" energy drink. I don't really know exactly how to say that this was a confirmation of the idiocy of our society but it was definitely a trailer park moment where I was eating what I like to refer to as "Nascar" food with a "Nascar" crowd. Mostly, it was tacky. I guess the Big AZZ burger is proof of marketing to the average individual who is more interested in pictures of woody wood pecker sodomizing other creatures than say a simple picture of a house or a sunrise or even of a burger called sexy burger. If any advertiser reads this PLEASE DONT MAKE A SEXY BURGER!

Fact 9

This breakup with Randi has been much harder than I have let on. I'm not going to tell you all about it. It just feels saddening to think of how much she loved me and how opposite we were. Long story short, she's very mean.

Fact 10

According to Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar the world will end in 2012. The Mayan calendar actually alludes to a drastic change, a revolution if you will of the Earth and my not be the extinction of the human race. I'm not so sure that if the Earth decided to eradicate us I would blame it. Still, I'm kinda on that team that will be destroyed. My only real worry is if I'll still be in the Army and not had the chance to accomplish all of the things that I have been longing to do for so long.

People say the world will end every day, one day, someone will be right.

I guess this blog ended up being more of a bitch session and one of telling you about my fears and worries but that's just what came out. I told someone I would be thinking of what to write today at work but that turned out to be a lie. This blog is totally winged off of the top of my head.



At January 29, 2008 at 11:20 AM , Blogger Ryan Placchetti said...

You're right about doomsday, people say it every day. A broken clock is right twice a day.


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