Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unwinding: A follow up

Friday night has came and went. I'm now sitting here reading a running magazine instead of cutting it up to paste on my wall like I had originally planned (part of a collage). Ordered a pizza and enjoyed a beer.

Domino's is apparently not keeping track of their workers or their money. I came to this conclusion after talking to the delivery woman who told me that payment for the pizza was not required and when on the phone I was told to sit by my phone so I could "rush out" to get my pizza. Many times when i have pizza delivered I enjoy a chat with the delivery person. Not once have I had to rush for anything ever delivered to me. I was under the impression that was why I pay the extra charge for delivery, so I may be able to answer the door after throwing clothing on a body which was previously nude and in no way ready to go outside in the cold or make a drive to Domino's.

Any way, let's talk about friday night. Friday shmiday. As I said before I had two offers.

The first being to go to Tucson to enjoy a night of beer and socializing. Lately I have been in the mood to talk to myself and maybe my possessions. A night on the town was a good idea considering the state I had been in. So I did. My friend Matt picked the first place to go because of the music he heard.

Matt back story: Matt is in the army band. He's pretty huge on music. Mostly though, he only likes and knows one genre, Electronic/dance/techno. He actually taught me how to DJ/remix/spin/etc.

So naturally, he choose the one place with the house beat oozing from the walls and wooden panels covering where windows once were. "IBT's" said the mat in front of the door. Neither of us knew what it stood for but he made a comment about it, as though he had seen it before, not completely sharing what it meant to him. Once entering the building, I immediately noticed the strange array of colors, rainbow. Television screens were above the bar and it was tuned to the "gay day channel". I was aware of a parade but imagine a channel that only comes on once a year or what ever anniversary it has set to be turned on once again. Around me were posters of men in Speedo "banana hammock's" that accentuated their "lump" with their hands caressing their bodies. I didn't necessarily feel uncomfortable as much as I felt out of place. I would not go to a hip hop club and expect to fit in as well as a coffee bar/lounge. We left shortly after arriving.

We then walked down to O'malleys, a chain I know from back home. Did some chatting with some people on the stipulations of the Arizona law on the amount of alcohol allowed to be legally held in a public place by one person. I'm not going to post it so you get bored and just stop reading here, look it up, it's strange. Watched some girls bat guys away from them and take pictures of themselves, I suppose for myspace or some other kind of online social network to advertise their underage drinking. Enjoyed a beer and left.

Went to Maloney's. Strange how bars here all have Irish names, I have always said that arizona knows best how to market. The entire fucking state reminds me of a god damn mall! Anyway, rum and coke, yadda yadda yadda.

Headed back to Matt's friends house and started to go to sleep. It was about 2 am when I got a call from Kelly.

The second offer was to spend time with a girl named Kelly. She didn't strike me as amazing or overly tacky the first time i met her. I guess the second time should have been a clue because she was on stage not wearing any clothes and guys were shoving dollars at her. A stripper.

She has another job and because I respect what it is I'm not going to say because I don't want this to get back to her. Let's say she instructs some military school where I'm located.

When she called at that time it was slightly exciting but also annoying. Exciting because of being with the same frigid girl for the past year and annoying because of having to drive that distance to get to her. As I'm sure you guessed, I made the drive. It went by quickly with me occasionally checking my breath and my appearance. When I got near enough to her for directions I couldn't find her house. Typical, I'm no Amerigo Vespucci.

She walked out to get me and bring me back to "her" house. When we pulled up I saw that there were other cars which inspired me to inquire about her roommates. She then informed me of living with her parents and a long elaborate story of ho she had roommates but left thm due to some drama. She must've noticed the story was disinteresting because about that time she stopped talking about it.

I don't particularly like dogs, they don't like me. My dog, sure, my dog likes me, after being around a dog for a while they love me, but never at first. She asked me if i liked dogs and I simply informed her no. When we walked into her house i was greeting by a massive german shepherd and instructed to let him smell my hand so he could greet me. He sniffed, he wailed, he jumped on me, I tried to relax. I heard a loud noise from the back of the house that sounded like yelling and could make out an older male voice. I had woken her dad up.

We went into her room which I was later informed was her sisters room. She showed me a good bit of movies to choose from but each one would have been better if before watching them you were given the choice to either nick your pupils with a sharp knife or to gouge them out completely with spoons. I couldn't believe i was going to go back out into the dogs territory for a movie but I did. I located a movie that looked like something I wanted to see, the dog parked, I left his area quickly.

We watched the movie for about an hour before there was a knock on the door.

Earlier she told me she was closing the door because her dad walked around the house naked before work. I convinced myself that by naked she meant underwear, surely not in the buff with a daughter in the house.

The door was opened by the knocker and I leaned forward to greet him when I found myself staring at what was a wrinkling bag of flesh and white hair. It was depressing, the first time I have ever seen an elderly person naked, the terrible things that happen to a body over time that will be eventually followed by death.

Babies are bad advertisements for humans. What with starting off so sweet and cute and then one day turning into something with rotting parts and social diseases and neurosis.

The sight was also disgusting.

Once the movie was over I was surprised I was still awake. She mentioned that I might not make it home, i think in hopes I might stay. Staying was my plan before I arrived. I got home at about 530 am.

Brigs me to my conclusion, I unwound, i had a good time. I enjoy my life to be strange, a journey of sorts. It was far from what I had planned but life always gives me exactly what I need to get by.


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