Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello Self

My new bike finally arrived and I love riding it! There is one problem though. I'm not one to know when to say when when it involves my body and endurance/long distance training. For the first time my body is telling me to cool it and take a break, or it will without me. My back, legs, ankles, neck, shoulders, chest are all giving out on me. For tomorrow I have scheduled a massage and a day of relaxation (after work mind you).

Lately I have been more than neglectful of my health in terms of pushing myself much too hard. Everyone has been saying it but it's kind of hard to listen to people who tell you too relax on working out who's idea of exertion is drinking and watching television. I don't really know how to regulate my workouts so I'm just going to have to listen to my body more and make a plan.

I have never stuck to a work out plan in my life. If i do start one, it ends up in the trash or never looked at, or under a large stack of papers that need to be sorted that eventually get thrown away without ever being gone through (poor papers). I will be sure to investigate a plan for running and cycling tomorrow sometime.

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