Friday, January 18, 2008


This week has been absolute hell. What with work being a huge fiasco (lots of goings on, I'll blog them later) and my wanting to be back with Randi and her reply (which was one of rejection) I'm in need of a good night and some serious unwinding. I've got two offers for "parties" tonight. One is in Tucson with a good friend (who taught me how to spin records) and the other is with a girl here in Sierra Vista. I especially want to head up to Tucson tonight; only problem being a place to flop at tonight (which is in the works as I type). The other problem is the girl wants to get together much later tonight, lets say early morning... Which brings me to another point.

Today I got my civilian flight physical and was hoping to be doing some flying in Tucson this weekend. If I stay and wait for this girl here I'll be late and possibly forfeiting my flying lessons but I'm pretty sure it would be a good way to get over Randi... At the same time, I'm not quite sure if it's exactly the way I want to get over her, with another girl. I still feel deeply for her and I think I want to hold out for her. If I go to Tucson, well, I'll most likely be staying at someone else's house and that never makes me feel great when I don't totally know the person and I'm pretty sure it also wouldn't be congruent with getting my flying lessons started. I'll be bringing my backpack with my stuff for my lessons tomorrow regardless of the route I choose to take tonight but I'm wondering now if getting this stuff started tomorrow is even the best thing, possibly I should wait until Sunday. Most likely, I will do that.


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