Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursdays Feel Like Fridays

Bud called today. Asked me if I would be interested in being a back up DJ at Pinups, it's a "titty bar". Should be interesting. Of course, I don't expect to change anyone's life by playing amazing music in a location such as this. Hell, the naked women aren't changing anyone's lives other than the weight their wallets put on their backs.

I will be heading up to Tucson again this weekend. A guy I work with has agreed to help me change my oil in my overly non environmentally friendly American SUV. I'll spend some time riding my bike around the city during the day and at night I'll hit up some of the haunts downtown. Recently, I stumbled across Tucson Underground. It lists interesting places to hang out for people a little less associate with the sounds of Britney Spears (stop making fun of her and leave britney alone!!!!!!....). Hopefully I can stumbled across some cool bands and meet some new people who also appreciate music as much as I.

Discovered something neat. It's rare that I'm "behind the times" on anything internet related but I'm pretty sure I'm the last to find out about MediaFire. So, expect me to be posting mp3's and videos on here occasionally.

Been listening to Black Kids. Give em a looky loo and you can download (part of) their new album Wizard of Ahhhs for free.


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