Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some night...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Been A While

So, it's been a moment since I last left an entry here. If you keep up with this thing then you might have noticed me deleting certain entries (things I wrote about a girl when I was drunk...). So I figured I should come out of my shell this sunday night and drop some knowledge about things going on and recent events.

School for the Warrior started recently and I have been flying it lately. It's much better than the Shadow, thank god.

Randi and I are still talking but it's most definitely not going to be a relationship again. She, as they say, "screwed the pooch". I am seeing someone else now though. Her name is Amanda and she is pretty awesome. Soon, she will be graduating from college and getting a job at the Phoenix crime lab. She is a forensic scientist of sorts. Anyway, this thing is about me being self absorbed and not so much about the other people in my life. So let's get back on that track.

Friday night, my friend and I took a night away from the girlfriends and got a hotel in Tucson near downtown. The hotel, Inn Suites, was pretty great. They give their guests free beer during happy hour so we pre-gamed there. From there we headed out to downtown via walking.

We arrived at Club Congress, which is part of Hotel Congress and I ordered two gin and tonics for the two of us. They were alright but we were easily distracted by the questionable gender of the girl/man sitting next to us. From there we walked to a place called the Surly Wench. Some alternative/scream/metal/indie band was playing and we ordered two beers. The band was enjoyable, mostly the bass. Pretty sure my attire didn't fit as well as my friends but that's alright. I tend to dress casual and the place was most definitely a rock club of sorts. The kind of place that would play Rocky Horror Picture Show...

We decided that the prospects for anything other than seeing this band that was just alright there were not very high and we had already planned to stumble around town so we left. We then went to O'Malleys. Do not go there to drink. Compared to everywhere else we were that night it was the most expansive and most "chainy". So we popped out of there pretty quick like. We then walked a block over to Maloney's. I don't know if the place is a chain, I wouldn't be surprised but nonetheless, I like it. We both had Red Stripes. Some girl was checking me out but alas, I'm no longer single again. Not really sure where my standing is though, I am her boyfriend and she is my girlfriend we established that but I'm not really sure how I feel about the whole deal. It's kind of a long story.


We left Maloney's and headed back to Club Congres and had two white russians. I made the bartender put cherries in my friends drink. He bitched, like a woman, then ate the cherries, like a woman. We were hit on by older women. When I say older, I don't think it would be a leap to think possibly 40's-50's. It was strange/flattering. The place is kind of odd. I noticed that there were both people our age and older people hanging out at the same place. Obviously very hip... I guess.

We walked back to Maloney's after that and ordered some huge beer. They called it a pint; it was most definitely not. It was massive. I'll drop a picture of it later on here. The bartender, the one who served us the red stripes, must not have noticed we left. It was busy when we did in his defense. He asked us, stated, if we had been there the whole time. After putting down that massive beer we decided to call it a night. Sadly, it did not end there.

On our way home, we noticed music, lights, and people coming out of what we later found out was a school. Apparently, some promotions were being done for this local DJ and dance squad (not school type, the "Bring it On" kind, B boys and girls). We got in after some talking to the people running the door and entered into an interesting scene, complete with lasers and strobes and topless women. We watched the dancing and I participated in a bit. We talked to some guys there and headed outside. On our way home we noticed they were following us and it appeared or at least the idea popped into both of our heads at the same time that they were going to mug us. We talked to them again for a moment and started to walk with them. I whispered to my friend to get ready to run and then we did.

If you know me, you know I'm fast. We left them pretty quick like. I decided to jump over this rail in a court yard to get to the other side and back onto the sidewalk. I didn't expect the ground to not be there. I fell 20 feet. Thankfully, before my friend hopped over he looked to see myself sprawled on the ground 20 below. He thought i was hiding on the other side of the rail (so I know this was not a drunk mistake). He yelled down to me and I kinda of moaned an "alright". We continued running home (I wish I wouldn't have). Blood was coming out of both of my palms.

The next day I felt like crap, which was understandable, no hangover though. Today I went to the hospital for X-rays. I have no broken bones but sever bruising and a swollen foot. My entire right side feels like I fell 20 feet... Which I did. I'm on crutches now.